Friday, February 27, 2009

Drugs and Alcohol is BAD!

We should have a Drug and Alcohol prevention in our school. I heard a lot about drugs being in Anchorage and there selling the drugs to KIDS! This was on the news a few years ago, and still happening now, especially teenagers, that take drugs. There is a site on the web I know it is You can go to it whenever you want, and learn how not to take harmful drugs that will kill you. I've seen these commercials on TV everyday and one of them shows that a teenager is smoking weed with a friend, and her brother is witnessing this and the boy gets these burn marks on his arm, his neck, and maybe his eye. And then a spokesperson says, "Smoking weed affects everyone. Be above the influence." This is really bad I mean i will never take drugs, but teenagers are still taking drugs and alcohol, and having an accident from this. This is a controversial thing everywhere on Earth. the site works I tried it. It has so much information about being above the influence, and not taking Drugs, and Alcohol. I hate when teenagers are now taking in these deadly drugs, and in just a few years they'll die in an early age. But I am glad people are taking action to stop these people from taking deadly drugs.


  1. Wow! I love that you are a commitment to stay drug and alcohol free! That is not only wise but VERY mature of you. I would totally help you get anit-drug and alcohol program started here. We could do that as part of Student Council. What do you think?