Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shadows on the Koyukuk

In the book Shadows on the Koyukuk I read the chapter 18 Sled Dogs. On page 154 I read that a guy bred a wolf and his sled dog. this is an example of artificial selection. I was really surprised when I read that part in the book. That was really cool, I wonder if that's how artificial selection started in Alaska. It would be really cool if it started in Alaska first. But I doubt that.

I would recommend this book to every one this book is very fascinating to read. The book is all about Sidney Huntington. Sometimes most people start reading this book until they are in college, my teacher said to us when we were about to read the book.
Here's the book below. And my class is reading the book right now and we are hurrying to finish the book. Before our teacher comes back.

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