Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Family type

On my step grandma's side is that she is Japanese, even my Aunt Angela she looks like a Japanese person, and my step mother she is Japanese also, but I don't know about her brothers. On my step grandpa's side IT IS REALLY, REALLY BIG! The family reunion was big I met a lot of people. But I disgust my step cousin Sebastien, he is REALLY, REALLY ANNOYING! He's a gamer, a bragger. He is the most annoying person I have met in my whole life. He punches HARD! It would be HORRIFIED! If he would be here right now. I would be in a DISASTER, I would be all frustrated, I MEAN REALLY, REALLY FRUSTRATED. I would never come out again ever if he was here. Only if i told him that its disrespectful to treat a girl like a boy, Heeeeee would get a wife with bad tastes, well maybe.


  1. Ohk I see what you mean. HE sounds pretty mean and annoying. i probably wouldn't last a day with your cousin laugh out loud. Nah just kidding. Well yea you must hate him that much, he did this even though you guys just met or something? Well just asking. Well I guess this is it. Peace

  2. Okay he is really annoying you would just want to get away from him.