Monday, February 23, 2009

My favorite game

My favorite game is Boogie super star it is really fun to play. I am having fun, and having an exercise at the same time. I want friends to come over to my house and learn how to play and have FUN! The game is so fun I don't wan to quit until I am really good at it. my favorite song in the game is Hot N Cold. it is very fun to sing. I watched the music video and I started wanting it, and luckily Anissum has it now I am singing it every time I work. Hey Erin maybe I can come over and show you how to play the game it's really, really, really, really, really easy, but then it gets harder. This game is a good way for me to exercise it's really great.
All it takes is a microphone or two, 4 WII remotes. Just to play the game. It's fun to do if your very energetic, I would recommend this game to any one who wants to lose weight. Not like you need to lose weight but whoever wants to lose weight and look beautiful or something like that.

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