Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Its Great To Have Two Famlies!!!!!

My life hasn't been sweeter when I have two families I could stay with. One is in Bethel, AK, and the other is in Oscarville, AK. I could spend a weekend in Bethel with my step mom, Michelle and my baby bro Jaden, and my dog, Boot. And I know that is a retro name to some of you guys, but i like it its much better than Blacky or Winky. My dad wanted to name her Booty but it also meant butt Michelle said. It was supposed to mean, "little boots or just boots because they look like boots." Because Boot has um these white marks on her paws and my dad just wanted Boot to
So I continue my saying that having two families are AWESOME!!!!!
have name. I could find out three family histories at the same time. One will go back to Japan, and the other would go back to lower 48's and one will go back to Alaska. One side would be Michelle's dad and the other would be Michelle's mom who is Japanese. Then my mom's parents are Alaskan. so there is so much family history I want to find them out real bad. Every time I talk about it I get really excited to learn about them all. And I'm starting to type like my Friend and cousin. Making mistakes every time I type.

This new post can be all about having a lot to say about having two sides of family. But I can't really continue because I have nothing more to say about it.


  1. I have two families as well...sort of. My friend Jon and I are so close that I go to all his family gatherings and such. Whenever I go home I always make sure to go visit my second family. I love them so much and it is truly awesome to have two families! It's twice the love!haha

  2. Whoa I didn't know that Michelle's mom a Japanese person. This really shocked me. I wish I had two families, but its ohk...I really like this post because you want to know more about your families a little more. Thats what I want to do too. But I am learning little by little every time I go somewhere. Well I guess i better get going to take care.