Monday, April 27, 2009

People should read books they are interested in

People should start reading either to learn or be entertained of a book they read that interests them. There are so many books in the world that everybody wants to or needs to read before they perish forever either by a fire or the end of the world I don't know. People sometimes don't read and never get the knowledge or something for the real world. Books help us learn about the world around us. People can learn everything from a book or a teacher. If people don't have either of those then they don't know the world beyond their world. so many countries have teachers to teach students all basic things they need for the real world either to get a job or a house or anything else in the world. Sometimes books are just for fun or to pass the time. It would be best to pass the time when you are reading a book. I read a book while I wait either at an event or on the airplane waiting to get to Anchorage or the lower 48's.

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