Monday, April 6, 2009

Pink Cherry Blossoms/tanka/Haiku

Pink Cherry Blossoms
Flowing gracefully outside
Dancing around you
My sweet beautiful love bug
Days are wonderful with you

Recently I wrote this Tanka poem for just an History assignment that my teacher gave us, so I wrote this one to represent my baby brother and pink cherry blossoms to kind of represent Japan with their beautiful landscapes. I have seen many pictures of Japan but I have never been there, but i wish that someday I will visit Japan.

Tanka is from Japan from the Heian period. Where a lot of women and men especially the rich knew how to write this kind of poems. its really cool that I found out that Japan has to adapt instead of doing it themselves, but I found out that Japan changes it in a way. Like the paintings first they were all like line paintings, but when China showed the way of theirs, Japan changes it in a way so it could be theirs.

I recently learned that Haiku was invented by a Samurai from Japan how many years ago. I didn't know that Haiku was Japanese instead of Chinese. That is really cool. I in the past wrote a Haiku but not in my computer but on paper and I can't remember it. I wish I did because that would be really cooooool!


  1. This is a fantastic poem and I really appreciate you took the time to tell the reader more about your inspiration. It made we reread you poem a few times. You rock Nicole. We miss you terribly in the Jr. High.