Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Grandma in California

I am so worried about my grandma. I heard from Michelle that the operation went bad. And now Michelle is on her way there yesterday. Michelle must be at California right now. I hope my grandma Kiko is fine since she has some kind of neck cancer. I am freaking out about this right now i can't even think right now. I wish I wasn't so kind of dizzy right now to type. I keep making mistakes right now as I am writing this.
I hope my grandma will make it alright. I couldn't sleep last night because of this. I am so worried. I just wanted to get this news of my chest. I really, really,really want to know what happen and worried at the same time. I am so shaky right now and my head is spinning just thinking about it. I can't stop saying how worried I am. I am so worried that my head could explode into a million pieces. I hope I get the news she is alright. Even though I just met my grandma I feel a lot of bondnes to her. I can't stop writing about it.

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