Monday, October 27, 2008

A Memory

Once upon a time there was a 14-year-old girl named April Hoover. She lived with her mom, Teresa Hoover, because her dad, Max, died from pneumonia. April went to school at Z.J. Max School in Phoenix, Arizona. She hated going to school because a girl named Cassidy was bullying her and calling her names all the time.

Cassidy Rich had long, gold, smooth hair. She had a body like a model and a face like a Barbie doll.She had blue eyes and was 14 years old. She was rich and got whatever she wanted. She was a spoiled brat.

The reason Cassidy was bullying April was because April was a pro at rock climbing and Cassidy was jealous of her. Cassidy tried to get rid of her. Cassidy tried to lock April up in the janitor’s closet. The janitor was an old friend of her father and freed her. After she was freed, and April went to class and she told her teacher “Cassidy locked me up in the janitor’s closet.” The teacher sent Cassidy to the principal’s office. The principal suspended Cassidy for one week. After one week in school when April went to the bathroom Cassidy followed her. Cassidy grabbed April by her shirt and told her, “Today after school at the front I will fight you”

April asked, “What did I do to you?”

Cassidy said “You suspended me for one week!”

Cassidy dropped April and left the bathroom. One hour later Cassidy was waiting for April in front of the school.

When April got outside she saw Cassidy and was terrified! She didn’t want to fight she just wanted to be friends. Cassidy was going to punch April in the stomach but April dodged it. Then Cassidy hit April on the face and April said “ouch.” April kept dodging the attacks that Cassidy punched.

Then April remembered what her father said, “Tell the person that is trying to pick a fight with you should tell them to be friends instead of fighting with each other.”
April said, “We should be friends instead of fighting I will teach you how to go fast and beat the others at rock climbing.”
Cassidy said, “Okay if you teach me that I will not bully you any more.”

Then April and Cassidy became friends and never fought again. April had a dream that night that her father was telling her
“Be good to your mother.”

April said, “I will and I always love you and mom” and April smiled at her dad and hugged him.

In the morning she went to school with her new friend Cassidy every day. They lived happily ever after. April now knows that her father is in her heart and never be forgotten forever.


  1. OMG!! like OMG! i love this post. i think its the most you've written. like WOW! or wait, isn't it from writing? well never mind. keep rockin ma sox sista! jks. awrity later.

    PS still like this post. haha

  2. don't you remember it is from last year?

  3. This Is awesome nicole...Like the great imagery...At first I thought it was real, but then when I kept reading I said to myself nah this can't be..Then I go ohk well Yea Its good anyways...I like It...
    especially when you said that Cassidy was really rich and gets what she wanted...Well anyways keep it up...

    Someone Else