Wednesday, October 1, 2008

i'm always the one who

in my family i'm always the one who does dishes, sweep the floor, mop the floor, clean the oven, dust the house, way before the inspectores come to the houses to inspcet it which really sucks if you have a lot on your mind for what to do and also a lot of homework like me since i am in highschool and i have to memorize yupik songs for yupik class since i have to work hard very hard to just to stay in school. Right? i know i know i am whining since i am the ONLY GIRL IN MY FAMILY WHICH IT REALLY REALLY SUCKS FOR ME!!!!! i don't really like to be the only girl in my family. but i get things i want when i clean the house before my mom gets back and i will get it. Theres always good things to come when you clan the house RIGHT!?!?! i'm i right, i'm i right??!!


  1. gaw nicole! hey!! i know, you can have all three of my sisters! qaa? and you can see how the pain in the butt it feels to have three sisters. pain in the butt!! but you can have them. ok? or you can take one. poor nicole. i'll be your sister. i jks.

  2. I was the only girl in my house as well. I had to do lots of laundry and cleaning and everything else and it wasn't very much fun. Now, though, I am grateful my mom made me do all that stuff.