Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Inuyasha's Battle with lady Kikyo!!

On the start of the day Kagomi and Inuyasha was on their journey to find the Sacred Jewel Shards and defeat Naraku for revenge. On their way in the woods Inuyasha and Kagomi saw a castle. Inuyasha said, “I know that scent its Naraku’s and his miasma.“ They approached the castle and saw Kikyo walking around. Then Inuyasha asks, “Where is Naraku?” demandingly. Kikyo answered, “Find him yourself.” Inuyasha and Kikyo drew out their swords and began to battle and while Kagomi stands back and watches them in a safe distance. Inuyasha kept asking, “Where is Naraku hiding?” demandingly. Kikyo continued answering, ”Find him yourself!” and the fight goes on. A while later Inuyasha then asks again, “Where is Naraku hiding?” but Kikyo still doesn’t say. Then Kagomi asks in her mind “where would Naraku hide? Hmm”.
Kagomi senses a Sacred Jewel Shard near-by and sees it is with Kikyo. It’s in her Kimono to the left side of her stomach. Then Kagomi said to Inuyasha, “She has a sacred jewel shards on the left side Inuyasha!” Inuyasha aims for the left side of Kikyo but Kikyo dodges the attack and they keep battling on.
At last Inuyasha uses his wind scar on Kikyo and this time it hit her. But she is able to revive back to life. She then went into one of the rooms. Kikyo disappears in like two fingers snap, real fast.
Kagomi and Inuyasha tried to look for Kikyo but never found her. Kagomi and Inuyasha went back on their journey to find the sacred jewel shards and take revenge on Naraku.
The End


  1. Did you write this last year? It's really good. I enjoyed reading it.

  2. yeah i did the character Kikyo is my made up character in my mind