Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Curry Rice

My favorite food is curry rice i really like it for some reason may be i tried when my dad tried dad said, "try it, it's good for you" so i did it was really yummy then i imagined it would be gross but i really, really liked it so much that i wanted it everyday. i like it medium spicy but pretty soon i won't soon i will have hot but not right now. whenever Michelle makes it i get really excited to eat it. Michelle is my step mother, but she makes the best curry rice i ever had. you all should try it. It is very yummy with coca cola it is really gooooood. my baby brother likes it too but we don't let him have it spicy because it is really bad for his tummy but Boot loves it we always give her the bowl to lick off the stuff its like prewashing it by her tongue.

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