Friday, October 23, 2009


My boss is the worst, but yet he is good at paying his workers, or should I say servants. My boss is a millionaire of his company. He is fat, with brown, black hair, and he is white Indian man. He was spoiled when he was born. It is really funny Subhankar means rich, fat boy. Yet still his name that only I can pronounce it is Subhankar Swanker. But I would rather call him Mr. Swanker ‘cause I don’t want to be envious from other people that work for him.

Mr. Swanker has three children but they’ve grown up and they are ready to take over the company especially the older one. I like the oldest son, Rick a lot, he is very charming in his ways and looks, he likes me too, he has blonde highlights with a tint of brown, he is taller than me, but he still will be my boyfriend.

The second child is John he is short and kind of fat at the sides, he has the same hair color as Mr. Swanker, John has already have a wife and kids of his own. The third one is Sagawea, which she is in love with my best friend, Greg. Sagawea has long brunette hair with a tint of blonde in it. She is a little bit taller than I am but not that intelligent to run the company by herself. Greg is an old friend; he has blonde hair with brown highlights. He is taller than John, he is always bragging about his fancy Motorcycle that he never uses.

The beginning of December was as normal as a dog sniffing places to pee. But on the 22nd was different; my boss always comes in with Rick and tells him that he should marry me. But Rick was probably out buying me an engagement ring. Since I keep hearing that Mr. Swanker talking about a marriage this Christmas. Ooh I can’t wait to hear what is the gossip is about today.

That night when I was walking with the glorious Ricky to my home, I saw a man that my family knows very well. His name is Drake, he used to have a family until my brother saw Drake killing his kid. My brother ran to our father and told all what he saw that fateful night. Then my father called the police, and went to Drake’s house to see if the son and the mother were dead.

“They both are dead.” My dad said grimly.

There was a long silence until I said, “What happened?”

“You don’t want to know.” My father said while shaking his head.

We all had the grimiest faces we ever did in a long time. The very next day there was a trial in the courthouse. Drake was of course there we were there too. My brother and my father had to be there as a witness to the act of the murder of Drake’s wife and son.

Drake was furious that he went to jail and we never saw him again. Until somewhere in December I saw him. I told everyone in my family I wanted to stay in San Francisco instead of going with them to Alaska. I really had a great job working for Subhankar. I still keep in contact with my family. Up till now I hated it.

One night I came home late, my door was unlocked. I went inside and saw Drake.

“Hello school girl,” Drake said while surfacing a crazy smile.

“What do you want from me?” I said.

Drake started laughing crazily. Then he pulled out a knife; the light reflected off the blade. He came charging at me; I dodged the attack. Then everything went black. An hour later it felt like it I tried to get up. Then I felt a very sharp pain going down my side. Then I blacked out again.

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