Friday, October 23, 2009

Broken House Murders

In the beginning of the day a body was found in a house of a newcomer. No weapons in sight only the mop handle. My day began as any other day, but this day started out weird and unusual to find a bloodstain on my favorite pair of shoes or to find something interesting in my dark room. Why would today be so different than any other day? And why was there a hole in the bucket in the basement? But this day is all gloomy looking even my friends are gloomy.

When I started for work there it was a missing poster…. Of me? Why would I be missing when I am right in front of it? I looked around and yelled; no one heard me or even saw me as I try to be in front of the people that pass by. As I race through my mind to think what I was doing last night, I saw the same man that always watches me at night… I don’t know who he is but he looks so familiar to me like he was a best friend or something.

Let me just start out at the beginning. My name is Sarah, I am 23 years old, and I work as a receptionist at the Worldwide Scientist Lab of Life in San Francisco, California. I have family in Alaska, and they had just recently moved there for safety from some kind of revenge. I have no husband, no kids, I am alone, but have a very great paying job. I have long blonde highlights with a tint of brown. I am 5 foot 8.

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