Thursday, September 10, 2009


I have found a cake decorator in Bethel I have the phone number to the place. I hope it doesn't cost to much to have a cake decorated. My mom does not want that. I wanna taste how the fondant taste like with cake and stuff. It is going to be fun this year.Now I can't really wait for my birthday. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I why can't I think straight maybe its just because I found a Cake decor.

Today I have a really busy schedule first there is a parent teacher conference, then there is the ASB meeting, then at eight o'clock I have Cross Country. So I am going to be very tired at the end of the day.

Yesterday I played Ski-BO with my mom and Barbara it was really fun. I learned how to do the drums of Hannah Montana from "Best of Both Worlds" on the piano that Rebecca gave us. I still have it in my head. Also my little brother found a way to play with sound affects, I already knew that already. I just didn't play with it these years.

That reminds me we never heard from Rebecca in a long time, she never sent us a post card or gave us a call from Fort worth, Texas. I am kinda worried, kinda.

I hope I can sleep well tonight not like last night. Last night I couldn't sleep because of something that I don't know maybe its just another day or is it just me. Hhhhhmmmm. I have a headache only a little bit but it goes away on its own but comes back.

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  1. I saw the ad for the cake decorator in AC and thought of you! You should totally learn how to do it yourself. I bet you could start a little business! I have a friend who is a cake decorator and she always baked us cakes when we were in high school! So good to see you writing! I LOVE BLOGGING! Sorry it didn't work out to catch up in Bethel this past weekend. I ran out of time and had to HURRY to get ready to go. I feel horrible! This weekend for sure. I'll treat you to lunch or dinner to make up for it. Are you going to the Cross Country meet this weekend? I think I am...let me know.