Sunday, August 16, 2009


I wonder how I should wear my hair, curly or pinned up???? UGHHH!! Its so hard to decide since my Sweet Sixteen is coming soon. And what I shoukd wear to is another. >=( I wonder what everybody gonna get for my B-day =) Thats to be excited about. Theres so much to be excited about when you getting some things and stuff. But I get really excited to get presents from people there so exciting when you get surprised by the present you get.
Its an Awsome feeling some people get. I know what to wear contacts, curly hair and pinned up, and some cool clothes to go with the theme kinda. the cake will purple and pink also it will be chocolate ice cream cake I hope. I wish it was a bash instead of a feast.


  1.'ll have to let me know when your feast is! I would like to come. I'm going to be moving to 5th Avenue in a few weeks. I'll have more room to have visitors. You'll still have to come visit me in my TINY house.

    I cannot wait for your birthday. Sweet sixteen! So old...haha.

  2. You are moving already????? okay. I'm not old