Sunday, August 9, 2009


I think I'm not going to kwethluk river science camp I heard something that I don't want to do there. So I am going back to Talent Search to see my all time old friends. I hope I get an Ipod touch when i go to Anchorage this christmas and also a Micro sd card for my phone so I could have a lot of ringtones but a lot more of my favorite songs from Best Buy. I have a new game from Michelle for my birthday but an unexpected person came to sleep over but got home sick. So he and I played and we didn't settle the score so its an undetermind thing. If he won or losed. Michelle Works Tommarrow so I get days at home alone for almost a week off to sleep and being ready for school. I also got new clothes from her and they are the awsomest I ever had in my drawer. And I know Awsomest isn't a word, But they are so cooooool!!!!!

MY SWEET SIXTEEN IS COMING UP!!!!!!! I am so excited. My theme this year is going to be flowers, but the decorations are going to be surprising to everybody who knows me Except Michelle knows.

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