Friday, January 16, 2009

The Instructional Drivers Permit

I got my learners permit at the DMV. and here it is Above

I am really excited to drive a car and really nervous I might wreck Michael's truck or Michelle's truck. And once i turn 16 years old I can drive without an Adult with me. And the cost of the permit ONLY COSTS 15 DOLLARS. isn't that surprising.

I am so excited to drive my mom around that I really and Kinda know Bethel. EEEEEEEEE i can't wait and that just sounded weird just coming from me.


  1. Wow your younger than me and you get your learners permit. Congrats on that, that means your smarter than me in that Driving test thing. Pretty awesome to get a learners permit, now don't go bezzark when your on the road. Don't get caught on the first time your on the road, I joke. Well yea it's awesome ou got a learners permit:D. Ohk I think this is it for me now ohk later peace.

  2. I wish you had it last summer. You could have driven us the in the Prius while I slept! I am sure you will be a great cautious driver. :)

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