Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The cool thing About the Wii

About the Wii at Michelle's it is really cool we are connected to the Internet and it is really cool we could check the news, get games, check the forecast on whats up, and have a Nintendo channel or any other channel, its really cool i really like to Internet at Michelle's Apartment. I could even be on my Nintendo DS and battle other people on the WiFi Connection. IT IS REALLY AWESOME! You know?

Since I bought another controller I could Play with Michelle or with my own controller from home we could have three players or better yet fourth player can be online and three players on controllers it would be really awesome.

I could bring my games to Michelle's apartment and play with either play with others online or players at Bethel. That would be really awesome to play with people around the world and have a great connections with them and maybe get tips on how like have cheats for just one game. It's really Awesome that we us kids can connect with others and have new friends to play with. I am really excited I wish I had connections at my house.

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