Thursday, August 21, 2008

My summer vaction

I had fun on my summer vacation with my Stepmom Michelle and my brother Jaden also with my cousin Sebastian we almost went everywhere in Burbank, California. First we went on a road trip with my auntie LaLa A.K.A Angela, my uncle Nori, and Last but not least my little cousin Kobe. When we went on on the road it was early in the morning and it was cold that night when we left my grandma Kiko's house. we were on our way to Denver,Colorado for a family reunion and for my great grandma's 90th birthday. IT WAS AWSOME!!!!!! it was really cool to meet the other side of my family they were almost everywhere in the U.S. which was coooool!!!! while we were on our way we went camping near Brice Canyon which was AWSOME!!!!! Then saw the other parts of the canyon espcially the Rainbow Canyon it was BEUTIFUL. when we got to Denver we met the family at the Residents Inn which there were two next door to each other. We slept in the other hotel insted of Residents Inn. Both had swimming pools inside but Resident's hotel it was much better then where we were stayed at. The very next day we went to my great grandma's room and ate lunch there it was very enjoyable to meet my great grandmother. And when it was dinner time we went to eat at a restaurant/farm/giftshop it was awsome to ride in an old time carrage with a real live horse. After all the activities in Denver were done we drove all the way back to Burbank, California. IT WAS AWSOME TO SEE ALL THE SIGHTS WE SAW GOING AND COMING BACK FROM THE FAMILY REUNION!!!!!!!!!!! It was the most fun i ever had in my entire life going almost everywhere we can in Burbank. and that ends my vacation with Michelle.

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  1. So COOL! I love this post. You should give your blog address to Michelle so she can read it also. I bet she would love, love, love it!

    I love Bryce Canyon as well. I think it is totally beautiful. I would love to live somewhere near that part of the world at some point in my life.