Monday, August 18, 2008

About Me

Hi I am Nicole Stevens iam 14 soon i will be 15. And i can't wait till i am 15 really bad!!! I like to read books alot of them espacially graphic novels or comics. Also i like anime cartoons because they are a teenage kind of a cartoon not like a kids cartoon. Also i like scary movies that are really scary at night. So i watch them at night and they will be very scary. I like to create images of my inventions in my mind but never share them and maybe try and find a better solution then killing or destroing an animal or an invention whenever i watch the news. but this one time i heard there was a bear near anchorage but i wonder if they killed it or didn't. I really need to know about that!!!!!!
I live in Oscarville, Alaska. It is a small village but there is some history about it that is quite interesting to me. Oscarville is quite a nice place to live and it is almost close to a city called Bethel, which we go there for groceries we need. I have three brothers my big brother is Michael Stevens, my little brother is Trevor Mesak, my baby brother is in bethel living with my step- mom Michelle his name is Jaden Nicholai. why i have a different name then my mother Olga Mesak because she married a man named Oscar Mesak from Kipnuk, Alaska, and my dad, Alexie Nicholai jr. married Michelle oleske thats why i have a different last name then my mom's except my big brother Michael Stevens.


  1. Nice post. I can't believe you have the courage to watch scary movies at NIGHT! I watched Ju-on by myself once and I couldn't sleep. I was soooooooo freaked out! Have you seen Shutter yet? That movie freaked me out too. Let's look online for some graphic novels for my classroom, eh?

    Keep up all your good work! Nice posts.

  2. omg nicole!!! i sometimes watch scary movies too at night. omg!!! Shutter freaks me out, when we watched it on the plane. ah!! me and nick were freaking out we didnt wanna watch the movie. but we watched it anyways. ee. lol. well keep commenting. nice storys. lol