Monday, August 18, 2008

An Accident

a year ago I had an accident with a grate and had a really bad cut. Which all i had to do is to keep my leg straight so the stichtes won't tear my skin. this was at bethel BRHS school.


  1. Ouch when was that? That got to hurt. Well just wanted to check out your blog and all. well have fun making posts up Doing a good job.

  2. holy cow i remember that!!
    [even though i wasnt there]
    but i was calling my dads cellphone, and he was at the hospital, and i was like, duude, why are you there??
    and he told me that nicole busted up her knee on the grates
    and then when you came back i saw it
    and i was like duude
    thats some crazy stuff right there
    i busted my knee on grates too once
    and ended up with a scar that looked like a stairway...
    hey i know, why dont we become the stair grate scar chickabidds?!?!
    i liked your post and photos =]