Monday, March 2, 2009

Why popular?/ people should start giving clothes to the poor all over the world.

WHY HEELIES? I mean why do people need foot wear with wheels just to look cool to get popular with kids. WHY DO PEOPLE NEED TO FIT IN WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE COOL, OR SMART, OR BULLIES? Why DO people need to get popular? We are all the same even though they are trendy with fashion designers clothes. Its really weird that people will wear uncomfortable clothing that looks "Stylish." Who would rather be a supermodel to be skinny, and beautiful just to fit in fashionable clothing that's so TIGHT to wear! Everybody is the same. I mean who would want to have clothes to only fit skinny people. All the people in the world need clothing and money. Like in Africa people really need food, clothing, all the things they need to survive. Fashion designers are just waisting good cloth to give to really skinny supermodels.

People should start to care for other people instead of themselves. The kids in Africa are working for their family to survive. Why do people only think of themselves instead of others? the world is crumbling because of some people are only thinking of themselves, instead of the poor all over the world just like Africa. I want the world to know that people are not thinking of the environment and creating more and more trash. Some big companies should donate a lot of money to the poor and the ones that are helping the poor then the others. This is why our money is only going to the army, the money should be going to homes that are for the people who worked harder then "The Big Shots" who are successful. those people should start giving money to those who really need it then them. The world is crumbling and we can stop it. If all the people in the world in the whole wide world could just really, really, really, think about those poor families that had been foreclosed from their home. And they don't have enough money for the whole family. I wish that someday my voice will be heard about poverty. All of us, all of the people are the same. We aren't that different from each other. I wish there was never war, poverty, everything that makes us worse than others. I wish people would just learn that everybody is the same. We can work together and fix our problems in the world. I am a dreamer, I am a wisher, I am a hopeful student who just wants piece in the world.


  1. Wow!...thats all i could say right now...i think that your piece is really good. It mainly talks about your topic. (or do you have a topic?) anyways, its just blog. I think this is important too! there are many kids in Africa, as they say, obviously, that are poor and are working thier butts yeah, i love this piece. you got almost the whole world in your hands reading this!! jk jk =) smiles
    issa <3

  2. cool thanks. I know I LOVE IT TO!!!