Monday, September 15, 2008

Drivers ED

Driver's ED was AWSOME!!! i passed two assemint drives i might be able to have a permit once i am fifteen. also i think i got a little used to it. but if had a litle more time i would have done a better job driving then now. i can't wait till we have our test this week i hope i pass to get my permit to drive. i might drive Michael's truck for once with him in the car since he has a Driver's Licence. i hope one day i will own a hybrid, and i will fix it on my own instead of paying a lot of money to be fixed by a mechanic that knows how to. but only when i take engineering classes.


  1. I now it was AWESOME like really, i like this Drivers Ed Poster but i think you need to fix a couple words and stuff like that. Well anyway keep up the writing.

  2. My mom and I used to go out driving. I learned how to drive in a HUGE van. My brother also used to let me drive his truck around. I loved that truck. It was a red Ford 150 and had the squarish front end. I have always wanted a truck just like that.

  3. awesome post. i wish i was still in drivers ed. :( man it sucks, and gosh it was fun during drivers ed. but its ok. i can take it next year. hehe

  4. dont worry, i msure you'll pass your drivers test :)
    and if you dont pass the written test this time, you can just go in to Bethel and take it over and over again until you do :)
    note to self: Theres a super strict trooper in bethel... and theres a super not strict one :D]