Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Juneau trip!! :D

The Juneau was awesome I Got to see Mendenhall Glacier. I have a picture here they are. It was so Huge I never has seen a glacier before only on TV that was so AWESOME!!! :D

It was so AWESOME!!

Then we went to the Pier where all the tourist ships come in and the mountains were really cool here's some pics. it was so beautiful there.

Then we were introduced at the room where the Senators, Representativ
es meet to have a discussion about stuff and we met with our family member Janya Kelly.

Then we continued our Lobbyist to promote the 1:1 program with the computers with the Kotzebue people and that Juneau School. And some time ago We met with Representative Joule we had a really good talk.


He was so helpful to me with a lot of information also on the 16th of March it was so sunny we woke up in the morning to sunnyness.

I had so much fun during my trip to Juneau.

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