Friday, December 11, 2009

Last night

I hate today so much. I AM CRANKY!!!!!! My stupid dog woke me up at 3 IN THE MORNING. I couldn't sleep till 4 or 5 am. She had to go pee and I didn't take notice. I WAS SLEEPY AT THE TIME!! so don't blame me for it. But I should have taken her out when my mom asked me if she had to go out. I should have done that, so she will never whine at night again.

Man why did I act so bad on Monday in Robotics. I knew I wasn't supposed to email Daniel during class. I shouldn't have emailed him back. Ugh! But I still hope I can bring this computer home this week.

I had A dream a vivid dream. I was In an airplane that was small. Also there was this faker that was trying to kill all the kids that were in the plane but I managed to save them some how. Then night fall came, We were asleep and then three children was controlled by the faker and they tried holding me down since I was at the top of the bunk. But i some how managed to escape their grasp. and then the rest is a blur.

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